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GRIDS Center Members Present Introductory Tutorial on Grid Computing at SC05

GRIDS Center members, Mike Freemon and David Gehrig of NCSA, along with Jaime Frey of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, will present a one-day tutorial, Hands-On: Introduction to Grid Computing, geared toward novice Grid users at SC'05 this year.

The hands-on, full-day tutorial moves the new Grid user through a guided series of activities introducing concepts such as the Globus toolkit, Grid security certificates, reliable file transfer, simple job management, and workflow management. The tutorial introduces essential skills that will be needed to conduct and support use of the Grid computing environment. The tutorial will alternate between presentations and hands-on labs which users connect to hosts at NCSA to perform various grid-related tasks. Subjects covered will include the following:

  • Introduction to the Grid World: Who's Who
  • Grid security concepts: PKI, X-509, Certificate Authorities
  • Grid Accounts, from the user perspective
  • Data Management
  • Data Replication Services
  • File Transfer utilities and Reliable File Transfer
  • Job Management with Globusrun and Condor-G
  • Metaschedulers and Workflow Managers
  • DAGman

The tutorial will take place from 8:30 to 5:00 on Monday, November 14. Attendees will use their own laptops to connect to NCSA; all that is necessary is basic connectivity and an SSH client. A certain number of user accounts will be pre-created to ensure that each user will already have a grid certificate for the exercises.

As part of its mission, GRIDS Center creates and presents workshops in coordination with users of Grid computing. The topics covered in these workshops range from general, introductory overviews to field-specific presentations of individual grid-based computational tools. GRIDS Center workshops have been presented at GlobusWorld 2005; at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) installation near Livingston, Lousiana; and at the 2005 Summer Grid Camp at South Padre Island, presented in coordination with the University of Texas at Brownsville.


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This is an archived site and is no longer maintained. There will be no further updates to this site.