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Summary of GRIDS Center Services

In order to provide direct services to cyberinfrastructure application projects, the GRIDS Center develops core competencies, or "service offerings," that can be appropriately employed in specific projects. We draw on these services to support engagements with specific cyberinfrastructure deployment projects and offer general service to the broader Grid community.

Software Distributions

Essentially, every major cyberinfrastructure deployment project requires an integrated software distribution. These distributions contain a mixture of existing components that are specific to the target project. The GRIDS Center makes the work of creating and testing these distributions easier by offering consultation in the selection of appropriate components, developing tools, and offering a multi-platform software build-and-test environment that allows distributions to be tested on many different types of platforms.

Software Testing

The GRIDS Center  tests cyberinfrastructure components on a variety of hardware/software platforms and in a variety of combinations and configurations. We assist cyberinfrastructure component developers and application and deployment project members by offering an automated, multi-platform testing environment that allows software in a variety of configurations to be routinely tested on various types of hardware/software platforms.


Because most deployment projects, especially startups, require significant personnel training, the GRIDS Center produces valuable training materials and develops in-house expertise in creating and delivering training material.


The GRIDS Center produces various forms of documentation to meet the skill-level needs for the most commonly used components. We also develop tools and in-house expertise for making the production of documentation easier and more economical.

Technical Support

The GRIDS Center provides a level of support that is designed to bridge the internal/external gap, providing project-specific support that accesses external experts when needed.

Integrated Solutions

While cyberinfrastructure components each solve specific problems, it is clear that some combinations of components are more useful than others, and there are some common application requirements (e.g., credential management) that can only be met by combining components in specific ways. GRIDS Center offers integrated solutions for these common requirements that are combinations of step-by-step documentation, customized software distributions, and examples from successful projects.

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