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GRIDS maintains a federated Bugzilla system with which users may submit and track technical support issues. Users may report bugs via that system or by sending mail to

GRIDS Center Members Present Introductory Tutorial on Grid Computing at SC05

GRIDS Center members presented a one-day tutorial, Hands-On: Introduction to Grid Computing, geared toward novice Grid users at SC'05. The tutorial moves the new Grid user through a guided series of activities introducing concepts such as the Globus toolkit, Grid security certificates, reliable file transfer, simple job management, and workflow management. It introduces essential skills needed to conduct and support use of the Grid computing environment. The tutorial alternates between presentations and hands-on labs, which users connect to hosts at NCSA to perform various grid-related tasks.

2005 GRIDS Center Community Workshop

This important workshop was held June 23-24, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois. Designed especially for PIs, project leaders and technical staff of TeraGrid, NEESgrid, BIRN, VDT, LEAD, SEEK, GEON, NPACKAGE, OGCE and other e-Science projects, the workshop helps to facilitate cross-discipline interactions involving Grid middleware. Many groups have overlapping or very similar middleware needs, and the GRIDS leadership helps to identify targets of opportunity that maximize benefits for the greater scientific community through coordinated effort and reduced duplication. Both days were highly interactive, with plenary discussions and extended workshops on critical issues such as security, data management, application development and software management.


The GRIDS Center is co-sponsor of the annual GlobusWORLD conference, which was held at Boston, February 7-11, 2005. A wealth of presentation materials from GlobusWORLD 2005 is posted in the conference's program section.

Presentations, Tutorials, and Links


See Ian Foster's page of his recent presentations.

Grid: Beyond the Hype (Ian Foster, 4/2004) (PPT)

The Grid (Ian Foster, 2/2004) (PDF, PPT)

Globus and the Grid: State of the Union (Ian Foster, 1/2004) (PDF, PPT)

Globus Security Perspective (Steve Tuecke, 4/2004) (PPT)

Getting Started With the Globus Toolkit (Lee Liming, 4/2004) (PDF)


For System Administrators:

GT3 3.0 Administrator's Guide

GT3 Administration (PDF)

Condor Administration


For Developers:

The Globus Toolkit 3 Programmer's Tutorial


GridSphere: A Portal Framework (PDF)

VDT (Virtual Data Toolkit) Testing

The Grid Portal Development Kit (PDF)

Programming the Grid (PDF)

IBM Enabling Applications for Grid Computiing with Globus (PDF)

Resource Management

Data Management

Globus XIO and GridFTP for Developers

Java CoG Kit



For End Users:

User's Guide Core Framework

DOE Science Grid Quick Start Guide

Putting Your Condor Pool on the Grid with the Globus Toolkit

Using Condor (PPT)

Condor-G and DAGman Hands-On Lab

Virtual Data Toolkit (VDT) Installation Alternatives

The Globus Toolkit and the Computation Grid

GRid Interoperability Project (GRIP) [Index] [Workpackages]

Introduction to Grid Computing with Globus (PDF)

IBM Tutorials

IBM Globus Toolkit 3.0 Quick Start (PDF)

OGCE: Open Grid Computing Environment Various Guides

MPICH-G2 General Information

Python Globus (PyGlobus) General Information


GRIDS Center Workshop Materials:

General Training Materials

LSC LIGO Grid Workshop, March 2005



OGSI Evolution: WSRF and WSN (Steve Tuecke, 3/2004) (PDF, PPT)

Grid Standards and Futures (Steve Tuecke, 9/2003) (PDF, PPT)

Globus Toolkit and OGSI-WSRF Evolution (Greg Nawrocki, 3/2004) (PPT)

GridFTP Protocol (Bill Allcock, 3/2004) (PPT)


Globus Toolkit Components:

Monitoring and Discovery Service (MDS) (PPT)

Grid Resource and Allocation Management (GRAM) (PDF, PPT)


Resource Location Service (PDF, PPT)

Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI) (PDF, PPT)



Condor tutorials (various)

Condor-G tutorial slides (PPT)

Condor user tutorial workbook (HTML)

Condor user tutorial slides (PPT)

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This is an archived site and is no longer maintained. There will be no further updates to this site.