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GRIDS Center Community Workshop

June 23-24, 2005
Gleacher Center
University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Click here for 2005 Agenda and Presentation Materials (Revised June 27, 2005)


Who Should Attend:
PIs, project leaders and technical staff of TeraGrid, NEES, BIRN, OSG, VDT, LEAD, SEEK, GEON, LOOKING, OGCE and other e-Science projects



  1. To help facilitate cross-discipline interactions involving Grid middleware.  Many groups have overlapping or very similar middleware needs, and the GRIDS leadership wants to help identify these targets of opportunity that will maximize benefits to the greater scientific community through coordinated effort and reduced duplication.

  2. To define a set of actions -- software integration plans, documentation plans, additional training, etc.  --  that directly meet needs of the e-Science projects. These actions will become priorities that guide how GRIDS can help the projects (e.g., by developing a "security appliance" to help manage certificates) and how groups can help GRIDS (e.g., by being beta testers).

  3. Set the stage for future workshops by defining other focused work areas of interest to the targeted projects.


A modest registration fee of $150 covers meal and facility expenses. Payment by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) must accompany the registration form via our secure Web site. This workshop was held at the University of Chicago's Gleacher Center.



Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
2233 S. Martin Luther King Drive
Chicago, IL   60616
Phone: 1-800-233-1234 or 312-567-1234
Rate: $175.00/night
Refer to : NSF GRIDS Community Workshop
Reservation Deadline: June 17, 2005


For any questions about the workshop, e-mail


2005 Agenda





8:00 am   Continental Breakfast (in Lounge)  
8:30 am   Welcome and introductions (Randy Butler)  
8:50 am   Brief Welcome from NSF (Kevin Thompson)  
9:00 am   Goals and Objectives of Workshop: Expected Outcome (Lee Liming)
10:00 am   Break  
10:30  am   Focus: Deployment Issues
  1. TeraGrid Software Deployment (J.P. Navarro)
  2. Open Science Grid Baseline Services (Ruth Pordes, Rob Gardner)
  3. Introduction to the GRIDS Center Software Build and Test Facility (Peter Couvares)
12:00 pm   Lunch (in Lounge)  
1:30 pm   Focus: Project Requirements and Status
  1. LTER Grid Pilot Study (Mark Servilla)
  2. GeonGrid: Current Status (Karan Bhatia)
  3. BIRN: Cyberinfrastructure for Biomedical Research and Collaboration (Mark James)
  4. Implementation of the UCLA Grid Using the Globus Toolkit (Kejian Jin and Prakashan Korambath)
  5. Campus and State Grids in Texas (John Boisseau)
3:30  pm   Break  
3:50  pm   Focus: Project Requirements and Status (Continued)
  1. TeraGrid Scheduling Requirements (Warren Smith) 
  2. LOOKING: Defining a Loosely Distributed Resource for Ocean Observatories (Alan Chave and Matthew Arrott)
4:30  pm   Discussion: NMI Priorities for Supporting Cyberinfrastructure Deployment Projects
5:00  pm   Adjourn  





8:00 am   Continental Breakfast (in Lounge)
8:25 am   Discussion of Previous Day: Thoughts on Value and Success of the Process, and Ways to Enhance (Randy Butler)
8:35 am   OMII 1 and Beyond: Architecture and Processes (Steven Newhouse)
9:00 am   Focus: Broadening Access to HPC Capabilities
  1. TeraGrid User Portal (Eric Roberts)
  2. TeraGrid Science Gateways (Sebastien Goasguen)
10:00  am   Break
10:20 am   Focus: Broadening Access to HPC Capabilities (Continued)
  1. The Crimson Grid Initiative (Jayanta Sircar)
  2. gx-map: A System for Maintaining grid-mapfiles and CRLs (Keith Thompson)
  3. Portal-Based User Registration (Lee Liming)
11:15 am   Discussion: NMI Priorities for Broadening Access  
12:00 pm   Lunch (in Lounge)  
1:30  pm   Focus: Data-Intensive Science
  1. SCEC/CME Project - How Earthquake Simulations Drive Middleware Requirements (Philip Maechling)
  2. The GriPhyN Virtual Data System (Mike Wilde)
  3. Data Replication Service (Carl Kesselman)
3:00  pm   Discussion: NMI Priorities for Data-Intensive Science  
3:30  pm   Adjourn  


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This is an archived site and is no longer maintained. There will be no further updates to this site.