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The following archived news about distributed computing is from the Grid Research, Integration, Deployment and Support Center (GRIDS), part of the National Science Foundation Middleware Initiative (NMI). Subscribe to the GRIDS Center Newsletter by sending e-mail to with "subscribe news" in the body of the message.

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Year Month         Selected Contents
2004 November / December
  • Running Condor-G in NMI
  • Monitoring Clusters and Grids
  • Maximizing Your Globus Toolkit GridFTP Server
  • more...
2004 October
  • What Can GRIDS Center Do for You?
  • How Did GRIDS Center Contribute to the Success of NEESgrid?
  • Installation of GRIDS Center Software Suite R5.1
  • more...
2003 April
  • GRIDS Center Software Suite Updated for New NSF Middleware Initiative Release 3.0
  • Grid Middleware and "Cyberinfrastructure"
  • Shaking Things Up with NEESgrid
2002 November
  • GRIDS Center Software Suite Adds Components for NMI-R2
  • GlobusWorld in January 2003 Will Give User a View "Under the Hood" of Grid Computing
  • "Kerberized" Grid Computing

  • NMI-R1 Production Release
  • Globus Toolkit R&D 100 Award
  • Grid Computing: Not Just for Supercomputing


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