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The GRIDS (Grid Research Integration Deployment and Support) Center includes the following organizations:


The primary goal of GRIDS is to define, develop, deploy and support an integrated national middleware infrastructure supporting 21st Century science and engineering applications.  This will be achieved by facilitating use of thatinfrastructure for full-scale, meaningful applications by communities such as the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES), the Grid Physics Network (GriPhyN), the International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory and others.  With its software, the GRIDS Center pursues the following objectives:

  • Provide production-quality software releases, support, training, & outreach, ensuring that early adopter user communities are successful & that new user communities are entrained in its use

  • Develop tools & procedures to ensure that software is acceptable, deployable & supportable on a wide variety of end systems, including production environments at campus & laboratories

  • Provide dedicated operations capability for 24x7 support for infrastructure elements, monitoring of grid infrastructure, & capture & analysis of grid usage data

GRIDS helps distributed communities pursue common objectives by using shared resources that:

  • Address security and policy concerns of resource owners and users

  • Are flexible and interoperable enough to deal with many resource types and sharing modes

  • Scale to large numbers of resources, participants, and/or program components

  • Operate efficiently when dealing with large amounts of data & computational power
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